Indian Railway to have wi-fi in selected trains

Soon selected trains of the Indian Railway would get wireless internet capability as selected trains get wi-fi on them. The facility will only be available on selected trains and as we hope wi-fi is most probably to hit first on luxury trains such as palace on wheel and others.

The facility of Internet services by using Wi-Fi system was demonstrated on trial basis in Mumbai-Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express train from Jan. 11-24 and this was found successful, says a press release published on a government website.

The facility is not free and data usage would be charged. When started, passengers of the Indian Railway will be able to access Internet on train via a password protected account. Payment mode will be the user’s credit card. Users also have the option to use data cards for Internet on the move.The payments can be made through credit card and other electronic money systems.
I am still not so sure of the success of the wi-fi on tracks service as how many of us actually use a laptop while traveling.

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