Google to launch its own Operating System “Google Chrome OS”

The Google Operating System Google Chrome OSGoogle has now decided to launch its own operating system, the Google Chrome OS. After the success of simple and fast Google Chrome, Google has decided to give its users an amazing operating system that they would have never seen before.

As reported by Google on The Official Google blog, Google is set to launch its own operating system “Google Chrome OS” which promises to deliver its users the speed and the swiftness in accessing files like never before, like we do on windows machine and wait for the system to boot up. This is what google said

“We hear a lot from our users and their message is clear — computers need to get better. People want to get to their email instantly, without wasting time waiting for their computers to boot and browsers to start up. They want their computers to always run as fast as when they first bought them. They want their data to be accessible to them wherever they are and not have to worry about losing their computer or forgetting to back up files. Even more importantly, they don’t want to spend hours configuring their computers to work with every new piece of hardware, or have to worry about constant software updates. And any time our users have a better computing experience, Google benefits as well by having happier users who are more likely to spend time on the Internet.”

So Google aims at giving its users an amazing computer using experience. The features of Google Chrome OS have been summarized in the following points-

• Simplicity-
Google wants their OS to be simple and easy to install. And don’t want users to invest a lot of hours in just managing to install the system to their system.

• Hardware Compatibility-
Google will run on both 86 and ARM chips
The biggest problem with Windows is hardware compatibility. I have to install drivers for all my external devices, but in Linux we don’t need any additional drivers for anything at all. So Google learning from Linux have decided to remove the burden fro users of adding drivers.Google Chrome OS

• Security
Google wants its OS to be free of viruses, malware and other malicious software, so they have indicated of starting from scratch and developing the system in some way that the world has never seen before.

• Software Support
This is the most interesting part Google said that all software running on any famous web technology would run on Google Chrome OS. Because for windows i need an application made for it, and that will never run on Linux. And for Linux i need to have a different set of application that will never sun on Windows. But this point is not very clear as we don’t know if Google was saying about full applications or just web applications. Hope that would me more clear in the future.

• Google Chrome OS is different from Android. It is built with a total different approach.
The software architecture used in Google Chrome OS is simple, Chrome would be running within a new windowing system on top of a Linux kernel. Google still has a lot of work to do but as against Microsoft they would be taking help from the Open Community for developing the Software.

We always knew that Google would launch a new Operating System, from the time Google Google fights with Microsoft windowsrevealed Google chrome which is believed to capture the giant market that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has captured. And when when we would see Google rolling out its Linux based Operating System windows would have a tough fight. Also it is really funny to see Google making such announcements when we have Microsoft’s Windows 7 coming later this year.
Google has always worked hard to have a good image as against Microsoft which is seen as an dictator who has been ruling the computer world for so long. I love Google and Linux so would definitely support the new OS.
Google has been quite active over the few weeks or days, they just removed the beta tag from their Google applications, have planned to soon launch Google Wave and already in news for Android. We don’t know what Google have in mind !!! May be capturing the whole world !!! 🙂

The next prediction i make that Google would do is , making Google docs offline and publish as a full software for users to use it as a home or office application, Giving Microsoft Office a big competition.

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