Five Crazy line about Harry potter 6 the movie !!

The world has gone mad for the latest Harry Potter movie : Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. Everyone is blogging about it, reading about it and ya watching the movie as well. But i found some weirdly funny stuff about it and so different that i actually can’t keep myself from writing about it. See the five sentence review.

Five sentences on the latest Harry Potter movie:1) It’s a very good, rather dark, and entirely adult movie.
2) You need to have read the book to understand what the hell is going on.
3) If you have read the book, there are no surprises and the end is ruined.
4) If you JUST read the book, and all the details are still fresh, don’t bother seeing this movie—too much has been changed for the sake of fitting the general story into a 2-hour movie and the differences will drive you bonkers.
5) The locket-in-the-bowl scene is, like, wicked scary.

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