Can recycling plastic be bad for environment

The big question is here “Can recycling plastic bags be bad for environment ?”. This question is not correctly framed we mean “Is banning plastic bags bad for environment?’. This question has been coming in front of the Indian Government again and again, and still Supreme Court has not passed any law forcing ban on plastic bags in India.

You might be puzzled that why should plastic bags be not banned even when many countries have adopted this. The big answer – banning plastic bags means more pressure on paper bags and therefore its use would increase rapidly. Paper bags are made from trees which would result in cutting of more trees, and instead of helping the environment it may be a cause for deforestation.
Plastic is not that bad, we eat a lot of food that comes packed in plastic packing. The main problem is with its reuse and proper recycling methods.

Recycling paper and glass is pretty straightforward. Metal is also fairly straightforward. But plastics are different. Plastics have a complex chemical make-up that changes the equation. If you look on a plastic container, you might notice a number by the recycle sign. These numbers run from one to seven, and each has a different meaning.

So what do you think is the solution to this problem .. please comment…

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