Apple rejects Google Voice inclusion in Apple Store

Apple has yet done something much un-expected and rejected Google Voice from being available on Apple Store. Google Voice is an allpication that lets users make and receive calls from a single number , send SMS and make cheap long distance calls.

Engadget reports that Apple has slammed the door on Google Voice, an app that lets users receive calls from a single “Google” number, make cheap long-distance calls, and send SMS messages. Not only that, but other apps with Google Voice functionality are also getting the boot.

As TechCrunch notes, the official reason for the rejection appears to be that Google Voice and its ilk “duplicate features that come with the iPhone,” although many sense the heavy hand of AT&T—which might not like the idea of other services circumventing its voice and SMS services—behind all the drama.

Apple’s Google Voice app denial has stirred up a hornet’s nest of outrage, especially in the aftermath of other high-profile app rejections—including Qik (an app that streams live video from the iPhone), any number of 3G tethering apps, and SlingPlayer for iPhone (which finally was approved, but minus 3G support).

And don’t forget that when the iPhone was first released, Apple didn’t want to allow third-party apps at all. “Apple wants to control the look and feel and behavior of every aspect of the iPhone.” Personally, I think that sentiment still holds true.

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