Nero releases free version of its disc burning software “Software of the week”

Nero, the most trusted and used software when comes to disc burning has revealed a free version of its latest Nero 9 software. Nero has been designated as making the best software when it comes to disc writing. Shnakee put a look at the latest tech update.The Nero 9 free version is not a shareware […]

16 year old decomposes plastic in just 3 months

A 16 year old science fair participant Daniel Burd demonstrated how he decomposed plastic bags in just 3 months . As we all know plastic takes thousands of years to finally get decomposed, but if the process discovered by the boy goes fine we have a better solution to cope with plastic junk on the […]

Search for someone with Google People Search

Everyone would have tried searching for some person they knew but are not in longer contact with, but searching for someone is quite a real tough task. But her Google comes to the rescue.Google People Search is the ultimate tool when it comes to searching for someone, it searches for profiles of people and not […]

Apple rejects Google Voice inclusion in Apple Store

Apple has yet done something much un-expected and rejected Google Voice from being available on Apple Store. Google Voice is an allpication that lets users make and receive calls from a single number , send SMS and make cheap long distance calls.Engadget reports that Apple has slammed the door on Google Voice, an app that […]

New Members (Blogs) added to Shankee family

We have been growing our network and have been adding more shankee blogs to our domain family. Now Shankee has few more blogs added to it.Love Issues-Love Issues solves all your love problems, answers all your love and relation related questions. Love Issues would have daily updates and you can mail in your queries and […]

Is What I’m Feeling Infatuation or Love?

There are some feelings we have when infatuated that we don’t have when we’re feeling love. Some of the “symptoms” of infatuation are; feelings of panic, uncertainty, overpowering lust, feverish excitement, impatience, and/or jealously. When infatuated, we are thrilled, but not happy, wanting to trust, yet suspicious. There are lingering, nagging doubts about our “partner […]

Why do we love and hate women at the same time ?

You’ve heard the old saying, “Women: you can’t live with them; you can’t live without them” or the even more popular version, “Women: you can’t live with them; you can’t shoot them”.Either way you look at it women drive men crazy (in a negative way) and women drive men crazy (in a positive way).What is […]