Windows 7 hack to extend the evaluation trial to over 120 days

Windows 7 is also using the rearm feature available in Vista to extend the evaluation period. Here is a tutorial to teach you on how to increase the evaluation period to over 120 days , almost three times than usual.


1. Install Windows 7 without any product activation key.

2. After installation is completed, use Windows 7 for 30 days and wait for the remaining days left to activate Windows counting down to 0, or almost zero.

3. When the activation grace period (or evaluation trial period) is almost expired log on to Windows 7 desktop, and open a Command Prompt window( type Cmd in Start Search and hit Enter)

4. Type
slmgr.vbs –rearm

5.Reboot Windows 7 to enjoy another 30 days of free usage without worrying about activation nor even need to crack Windows 7.

When the activation grace period countdown timer almost running down to 0 again, repeat the rearm trick to enjoy another 30 days of Windows 7 for free. User can run the rearm command for maximum of 3 times.
Windows Vista slmgr.vbs Configuration

slmgr.vbs is an important feature in Windows Vista. Lemme tell you what other things you can achieve with it.

* -ipk Product Key Install enterprise license key (where Product Key represents the actual key) to enable KMS host functionality.
* -dli Display license information.
* -ato Attempt immediate activation.
* -sprt port Set KMS host listening port (where port is the port ID).
* -sdns Enable dynamic DNS publishing (default).
* -cdns Disable dynamic DNS publishing.
* -cpri Set KMS processor priority to low.
* -spri Set KMS processor priority to normal (default).
* -xpr Display the date when the activation will expire.

So use it and see for yourself. Give us feedbacks as in, if they helped you. Ciao.

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