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Just surfing on the net and came across this weirdest site that list the strangest stuff one cam find over the internet. They listed some strange things such as Why Americans should be made to travel, 101 reasons why fingers are better, How to tell if food is spoiled and many more. We are including a direct list of such weird stuff from the site just have a look.

Weird Things

101 Reasons Why Fingers Are Better Strange UseNet Posts More Strange UseNet Posts Even More Strange UseNet Posts Yet More Strange UseNet Posts Inklish Signs Sonny Bono and the Tree Cultural Differences Explained A History of the World as told by Students Bloopers Top Ten Sexually Tilted Lines in Star Wars On the Dangers of Gerbilling
Drivers Education Exam Answers 101 Things NOT to say during sex SPAM and Urinating in a Public Pool Do you hate seeing ASCII in posts? If Operating Systems were beers Things I learnt from having Children How to be a Cultist How to tell if Food is spoilt What’s wrong with MSOffice for Mac Tower Communications Worst Analogies ever written in a High School essay
Barbie Urban Legend Cat Haiku The Chicken Gun Translated Commercials Physician Diagnoses Actual Excuse Notes from Parents Haiku Error Messages Newspaper Headlines Instruction Labels on Consumer Goods Actual Laws of the US Mouse Balls The Early Days of Tech Support Why Americans should never be allowed to travel The Surreal Compliment Generator List of actual English Subtitles used in films made in Hong Kong Good Luck, Mr Gorsky Proper Diskette Care and Usage Pentagon Solutions Holiday Cars from Pets Student Geography Quiz Answers Odd Boss Sayings Actual Questions to the Sydney Olympic Committee

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