See the latest on the web on one single page looks at currently popular items on the top social news sites and mashes it all together. It display the most talked about, searched and most popular content from all the globe on one single page. And gets updated every 15 minutes.

It is a revolutionary service and a very new attempt.The idea is to allow users (you especially) to get a rapid overview of what the latest breaking headlines are at the frontline of the intermatubes.The bigger the box, the more relative votes a story has.The warmer the color, the quicker the story is on the rise. Cooler colors denote negative velocity.Sources are refreshed every 15 minutes.

But i didn’t liked the layout of oursignal in particular. As in web 2.0 it could have been much more interactive. It could have had flowing content for smooth browsing and should have given the users much more control over what they want to see, as it showed no categories.
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