Say bye to big brick like laptop chargers, new technology enters.

As reported soon laptops would come without a charger, preventing you charger less laptopfrom carrying a large brick like charger everywhere with you. But you would still have to charge your laptop. The new technology also reduces the total power consumption by the charger when its not in use.

The worst thing about any electronic gadget is that it need to be charged again and again. And with laptops this gets worsened with the large eternal charger that is easy to forget, gets easily wore out as it lies almost every time on the ground. I have actually stepped, kicked and done a lot of things with my charger. But now due a recent research by Fujitsu the charger is soon going to become extinct.

As reported , they are going to integrate the charger in the laptop itself and all you need to carry is an extension cord. Which would be standardized to be easily available and used. Its quite a simple idea and i just don’t know why is hasn’t been yet incorporated. May be because manufacturers want to reduce the size of a laptop and adding the charger internally would only increase its size and weight.

Fujitsu came with a revolutionary technology to reduce the size of the charger and also reduce the energy consumption by the charger. As a charger continuously uses electric supply when its connected to the line and actually not charging anything.

While traditional transistors are normally made from silicon, Fujitsu’s key technology research team succeeded in developing a transistor using gallium nitride, a material commonly used in blue LEDs. With gallium nitride’s resistance to high-voltage current being 10 times as high as silicon’s, transistors made from gallium nitride are more robust. At the same time, such transistors can reduce the electricity loss to below one-third of the level of silicon transistors, while a shorter inter-electrode distance enables a downsizing of the transistor.

The company will start bulk production of the transistor from 2011 and would roll out the new charger-less laptops within the next 5 years.

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