The official site of India government is better than most government sites

I just came through the official site of the Indian Government and i must, the National Portal of Indiaadmit i never thought that the site would be so neatly made and would actuallu be updated that frequently, because i have government sites and i know how they are managed. But this one proved me wrong.

The site has been made very neatly and i can say that they have put great designers to design the site as it looks very good. For website designers like me neat means when each box, each piece of text is easy to read, access and has got its own area of importance. And i can see that with the site for sure.

This is what they say about India, the National Portal of India“The ancient land of India portrays a landscape of vibrant cultural heritage and spiritual mysticism. This particular section takes you to a journey through the fascinating lanes of the country, which reflect its numerous national traits.”The site has something for everyone, its divided into different sections. The main three sections were Government, Citizens and Overseas.
I also saw the most advertised Incredible India site as well, but that wasn’t able to impress me much. It was not properly designed. The animation was OK not very good.

Alexa ranks at 15,008 whcih is really very good, the US site was at 12,126 and india site needs only back-links to beat that site for sure.

And even when i saw the official site of US i found it too could not beat the Indian site.

I request all Indian to include a small back-link on your site that leads to the Indian goverments site, it only needs more back-links.

Please copy the below code and put them anywhere on your webpage or blog-

Code for different banners-

Banner 3 of

<a href=”” alt=”, the National Portal of India”><img src=”” alt=”Banner 3 of” width=”128″ height=”34″ /></a>

Banner 4 of

<a href=”” alt=”, the National Portal of India”></a><img src=”” alt=”Banner 4 of” width=”116″ height=”31″ />

Banner 5 of

<a href=”” alt=”, the National Portal of India”><img src=”” alt=”Banner 5 of” border=”0″ width=”380″ height=”66″ /></a>


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