Learning to Blog like a pro “Part 2”

making a professional blog
Making a professional looking layout and editing it to suit your needs. Yes i tell you on how to make a blog like mine and you too could be a blogging pro. With sull customized header, layout and making your own content. See the full tutorial to know more.

Please read this first- Shankee’s guide to making a professional blog.

This is the sequel to my series of Learning to blog like a professional. Please read the first part before following the spteps mentioned in this post.
Now what u wish is to attract traffic to your blog and also earn from your blog. Here you get to learn the full procedure on how to do that.

The first step customizing the layout.

Changing the layout

First change your layout. The free templates from Blogger.com are not so professional.SO you need a good layout. I myself am not that good at xml needed to create a layout, so i just search on the Internet for some free layouts for blogger.
There area many sites offering custom made layouts for free.Few have been listed here.



You can look for yourself in google ( go to google and search for ” free 3 column blogger”).
Open the layout file in Notepad and copy the whole code.
Noe to put that to your blogger template go to your blogger Dashboard.
Then click on Layout..click on Edit HTML..
now before you do any change to your HTML back it up before. Blogger gives u an option of Downloading the Full template click on that.
Now after you have done that go to Edit html and in the Box where you see the HTML code of ur blog .Select all of it and press Delete.
Now paste the new HTML of the layout you wish to change it to.
And click on SAVE.
It its successful its says u to view blog.
If not don’t worry some HTML may not work due to improper coding try other ones.
And if any problem arises contact me.
When this is done you have your new blog layout..

I myself like eblogtemplates, and on searching you too could find some good templates there. So now after doing all this you must have a nice looking template.
Now customize it to suit your needs, make a feed-burner account to burn your feeds. Make a logo for yourself, make a favicon and give a personal touch to your blog.
More on making a Pro Blog coming soon.
Please keep checking this blog and do comment if you liked this post or mail me any query at [email protected] we would love to help you.

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