Laci Green “Personality of the week”

Laci Green is the shankee’s celeb of the week. So do you know who she is, she makes videos of herself and has been watched over millions of times. Still don’t get it – she is a 19 year old youtuber who makes videos of herself and post them on Youtube.
Laci Green is one of the most famous names on Youtube. She makes videos that are about women empowerment,going green, atheistic in nature and sometimes just idiotic.
But she is known for her strange sense of humor and totally different methof of thinking about stuff. She has posted a lot of videos on some strange topics such as “So much importance being given to woman’s breast”???????? strange…she had over 25,828 subscribers and over 561,198 Channel Views.

But whatever the fact may be- she is always entertaining.

More about her-


Style: Variety
Joined: November 14, 2008
Last Sign In: 6 hours ago
Videos Watched: 2,017
Subscribers: 25,828
Channel Views: 561,198

Hey, it’s Laci, aka gogreen18!…


Blogtv, most fridays, at 3PM PST/6PM EST here:…


☮This is where I will post videos which don’t run in the same vein as my gogreen18 channel–comedy, vlogs, entertainment, etc. If you are looking for INTELLECTUAL TOPICS….please see the gogreen18 channel.

Age: 19

☮I am young (19), free-spirited, and trying to live life to the fullest. I think people should laugh more, think more, and chill out. Chill out about money, your body, your sexuality, your status, life in general…..and treat people with respect. :]

☮In real life, I’m a Pre-Law student in my 3rd year of study. I work as a waitress and make these videos to pay for school and to let out the cooped-up goofball in me. I’ve racked up 3 AA/AS degrees and am approaching a BA in Legal Studies (concentration in Philosophy). When I’m 23 I will have my Juris Doctorate. Yes, school is my life. WILL WORK 4 EDUCATION.

Check out a few videos of her-

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