Know how long has your computer been running

This is a simple Command Prompt trick that tells you the exact time when your system is booted and also from this you can very well know how long your system has been up and running. This trick works on XP, Vista and windows 7 as well.

Here’s how you know the system boot time:

  • Go to the Start orb and type cmd at the search box.
  • Now right click on the cmd icon that shows in the list and select Run as Administrator
  • Now type “systeminfo” and hit Enter.
  • The system might take a few seconds to calculate the system details and will show the results.
  • This shows a lot of information about your computer like the computer name, OS, registrant’s name and much more.
  • To know the time when the computer was tuned on look for the line “System boot time”
  • This is the exact time when the system was turned on.

This is quite a simple trick but proves to be quite useful a lot of times.

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