Hiding your hard disk partitions in windows

hard disk fixing partition
You might have known how to hide files and folders in XP. But this simple trick lets you hide complete harddisk partitions on any windows machine (XP/VISTA/Windows 7). Just follow the simple steps…

1. Go to Start > run > type “diskpart”.
a dos window will appear with following like that

2. Then type “list volume” without quote
It will look like this.

Volume### Ltr Label Fs Type Size Status Info
————– —- —— — —– —- ——- —–

Volume 0 F CD-ROM
Volume 1 C NTFS Partition 7000MB Healthy
Volume 2 D soft NTFS Partition 8000MB Healthy
Volume 3 E —- NTFS Partition 8000MB Healthy

3. If u want to hide drive E then type “select volume 3″ without quote

then a message will appear in same winwods { Volume 3 is the selected volume}

4.now type ” remove letter E” without quote
now a message will come { Diskpart Removed the Drive letter }
sometime it requires the reboot the computer .

Diskpart will remove the letter .Windows XP is not having capabilty to identify the unkown volume.

Don’t afraid ur Data will ramin same .
to Come back the Drive repeat the process . but in 4th step which is shown in this post replace ” remove” to “assign”
means type ” assign letter E” without quote
The above method won’t work for the drive containing Operating System
and it can also be done using System Manager>Storage Manager

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