Dual boot Windows 7 and Windows XP

Here is the simple tutorial that tells you how to dual-boot windows Dual boot windows 7 and XPXP and windows 7 when you first installed Windows-7 and then XP. As if you would do it the system would automatically get booted to XP and won’t show windows 7. Just follow the simple steps to get both the systems back-

  • First use the Windows-7 OS cd that and boot from it.
  • Then go to System Repair .
  • From the list select Startup Repair.
  • If the Repair is successful the pc would restart.
  • Now you directly go to Vista. Now XP is gone but dats not a problem.
  • Next install EasyBCD from the net. Here is the Download Link-
  • Use EasyBCD and edit the Boot Menu and save the changes..

Dual boot windows 7 and XP

Using the same procedure you could also Dual Boot into Linux and Vista..or any other OS too..

I have dual-booted my PC using windows 7 and Ubuntu. I will tell the tutorial later on. If any problem persists please comment on the post or mail me at [email protected]

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