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Do you want to know how much is your blog or site worth, at shankee we present a few services that estimate your website’s value based on the various factors such as google pagerank, alexa rank, traffic, content etc. Just go to the site and put in the URL and check the site’s value.

Even though we are new but we still managed to have our site valued at $65.var base=””;document.write(“”);
It estimated my site at $78

My site is worth $78.
How much is yours worth?

It gave us the highest value, it rated shankee at $394.2 ,

My site is worth $394.2.
How much is yours worth


How-ToMaximize your Earning Potential

Text Link Advertising
Selling text link advertisements from your site to others will allow your advertiser’s site to increase its ranking in search engine results. This site could sell text link advertisements at approximately $0 per link per month.

If you sell 8 links, you could earn approximately $0 monthly selling text links on your site.

Check here for more information on how to sell text links on your site

Product Placements
Your site could earn approximately $2/Month through creative product placements.

The best product placement program is Chitika. With the Chitika program, you are able to select which type of product(s) best match your content, or would appeal most to your visitors. For example, if you run a golfing site, you may place ads for discount balls or clubs.

Affiliate Marketing
By placing relevant affiliate links on your site, you could earn approximately $1 monthly.

The best affiliate program for your site is Azoogle Ads. Check them out and see how you can benefit from the program.

Independent Advertising
Your site could earn approximately $0 monthly through independent advertising arrangements specific to your site’s niche. You should contact companies specializing in your area — could they benefit from advertising on your site? Give them a call!

Be creative. Think about who your readers are, and what they like. Are they teens? Are they seniors? Think about why they are at your site, and what related products or services they may be interested in.

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