Wolfram Alpha “In the Spotlight”

It has created a much speculation even weeks before anyone knew what it was all about. Yes, we are talking about Wolfram Alpha the revolutionary web browser that guaranteed to revolutionize the web search experience. Many have even taken is a a threat to the search engine giant Google.com.

wolfram alpha

Wolfram Alpha is based on the research by Stephen wolfram. Although it’s tempting to think of Wolfram|Alpha as a place to look up facts, that’s only part of the story. The thing that truly sets Wolfram|Alpha apart is that it is able to do sophisticated computations for you, both pure computations involving numbers or formulas you enter, and computations applied automatically to data called up from its repositories.
I am not much concerned about the internal structure yet as it takes just a single byte to ruin the whole program. But i love the way they have told the world on “How users search on Wolfram”
For me Wolfram is much like a answering machine coz i have a lot of confusing questiong for it to answer.

Without confusing you any more let me give you a few examples from the wolfram blog on how to use it -3

Like asking “307th digit of pi?”
“who won 1984 cricket world cup?”
“No. of teeth in a cow?”
and something like that —
wolfram alphawolfram alpha
Get the live news on wolfram when it gets launched this friday at 7pm CST

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