Webware 100 the best on Internet

Download.com released the Webware 2009 winners. The winners were chosen based on voting from over 630,000 voters and the competitors were placed up in categories.The list shows the best services, products and sites from all across the globe. See the full list, it shows some really good sites.

Google turned out to be the king as it got the most no. of awards (11). But its sirprising that some greatly used services were not in the winners, like the famous Google’s Blogger on which Shankee is hosted was not in the list alongwith Digg.
There were also services that are not popular in but emerged out of nowhere like the Gaia Online , Maxthon, Justin.tv, lala etc.
Also there were some new categories such as the Best Newcomer, Technical Achievements and also had the Failure to launch.

See the full list here-

Jamendo Grooveshark iTunes Last.fm Project Playlist Pandora JamLegend Nexus Radio Amazon MP3 Lala

Maxthon XMarks Firefox Google Chrome Opera Diigo Internet Explorer 8 Safari iGoogle Flock

ZipRealty Amazon PayPal ZocDoc Woot Etsy Eventbrite Craigslist Zillow Elance

Digsby Windows Live Messenger RingCentral Gmail Skype Dimdim Dimdim Yahoo Messenger Windows Live Hotmail Postbox

YouSendIt DropBox BitTorrent Mozy Adobe Air Windows Live SkyDrive Facebook Connect OpenID Carbonite Dropio

Gaia Online Hi5 Wordpress.com StarDoll Meebo Facebook Myspace Drupal Twitter Bebo

OAuth Amazon Web Services Aviary GoodGuide Mobile.Me Twitter Search Presently Google Voice Windows Live Sync + Evernote Farecast Cuil Evernote

Source – CNET.com

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