Shankee’s special delights

On Shankee we have a special feature of the week, these are special news, article, people or may be something different that we feels deserve to be mentioned differently. So we have given them a special place on the blog. Each day would have its own special delicacy ….
So here is a list of the Special Delight Menu

Monday – Software of the week
This section will mention the special software, may be freeware , shareware or anything else that deserves a special place and deserves to be downloaded and use.

Tuesday – Celeb/person of the week
This section mentions the most deserving or most talked about celeb. Here we will write about why he deserved to be the celeb of the week.

Wednesday- Big News of the week
This section mentions the biggest news that was the topic of discussion all over the world. This may include some from politics or some special incident that deserves a special mention.

Thursday -In the spotlight
It mentions something that has suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Its different from news.

Friday – Upcomer of the week
Inspired by twitter’s #followfriday this section mentions the newbee on the block. It supports new services, entrepreneurs, new sites, software anything that need to be brought out in the sight of the world.

Saturday – Movie/video/song/artist of the week
This section metions the most favorite movie, music video or the most liked artist. This may include one or all of the above. It includes media from Bollywood and Hollywood as well..

Sunday – Spirituality
Here we talk a little about religion, meditation and spirituality. I am not too great in these and have my own philosophy that i want to share with the world.

The above days are just mention of the special edition for the days. There will be much more posts than just these.We are eagerly waiting for your suggestions and comments so please do tell us what you like and what not.

/*The above mentioned sections may not be well adhered to and may be changed without any notice.*/

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