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Google has become more than a search engine, Googlefeaturing well built services for anyone who ever used internet. Ranging from free blog hosting (blogger) to email (gmail), from social netorking (Orkut) to website maintenance (google aps) …. the list is so long. It is clear that we don’t hate yahoo ot microsoft but the fact that we LOVE Google, Google has been delivering high quality services and that too for absoutely free, and keeps doing that over and over again. So Shankee writes about the services from google that we use, love and recommend to all. The ultimate search Engine
Their is nothing much to say on this one, as it is very clear that google is the ultimate search engine. It is the ultimate ruler of the internet with rank 1 ahead of

Google Earth
Google Earth
It is the most revolutionary step by google. It gave us the power to go anywhere in the world and know about places. Google Earth is the ultimate atlast of atlas. It has pictures of all the Earth taken from the satellite which were once only with th U.S. secret agencies.

Blogger -Free Blog HostingBlogger
Blogger has been a favorite of not just me but of millions who wished to share and even earn from blogging It offered simple tools and services that even a novice could easily understand. When i came to know of the world of blogging blogger was my ultimate choice and still my blog is hosted on blogger. My other blog Hackiteasy is also on blogger with URL

Gmail Email client from google
Gmail has become very popular over the years with revlutionary technology and massive storage space, it is one ultimate choice for email.

Adsense is the hope and the motivator for bloggers and website owners around the world that helps them earn from theie site as well. We at Shankee are very thanful to adsense which made us blog more as we could actually et something from it.

Picasa is my favorite photo manager, it is simple free and is from Google. It lets you do a lot of stuff with your pics and also had a few simple image editing tools that let you improve the basic features of your image.

Google analytics is the best site tracking software. It is Analyticsalmost used by all professional sites to track their stats, know about their users and more..

Google apps
It is the ultimate tool for bussiness, offering a lot of services in one. We at Shankee also use google apps as it features services such as calendar, docs, email, messenger, google pages and more…

Orkut is the most famous social networking site in India and Brazil. Though not much popular in other parts of the world. Orkut is same as for indians as facbook and myspace for americans. You would find almsot all Indian teenagers on Orkut.

Their are so many services from Google that we would run out of words , so here we are mentioning all services from Google-

More Google products

Alerts Alerts
Receive news and search results via email
Blog Search Blog Search
Find blogs on your favorite topics
Book Search Book Search
Search the full text of books
Google Chrome Google ChromeNew!
A browser built for speed, stability and security
Desktop Desktop
Search your own computer
Directory Directory
Browse the web by topic
Images Images
Search for images on the web
News News
Search thousands of news stories
Notebook NotebookNew!
Clip and collect information as you surf the web
Scholar Scholar
Search scholarly papers
Specialized Searches Specialized Searches
Search within specific topics
Toolbar Toolbar
Add a search box to your browser
University Search University Search
Search a specific school’s website
Web Search Web Search
Search over 8 billion web pages
Web Search Features Web Search Features
Do more with search
Explore and innovate
Code Code
Developer tools, APIs and resources
Labs Labs
Try out new Google products
Communicate, show & share
Blogger Blogger
Express yourself online
Calendar Calendar
Organise your schedule and share events with friends
Docs & Spreadsheets Docs & Spreadsheets
Create and share your online documents, presentations, and spreadsheets
Gmail Gmail
Fast, searchable email with less spam
Groups Groups
Create mailing lists and discussion groups
Orkut Orkut
Meet new people and stay in touch with friends
Picasa Picasa
Find, edit and share your photos
Talk Talk
IM and call your friends through your computer
Translate Translate
View web pages in other languages
YouTube YouTube
Watch, upload and share videos
Go mobile
Mobile Mobile
Use Google on your mobile phone
Use text messaging for quick info
Make your computer work better
Pack Pack
A free collection of essential software

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