Searching files on rapidshare made easy

rapidshare file searchWe all know about the most used free file hosting server but the problem is that searching for any file on rapidshare is very difficult. So here are a few tricks that just let you search for specific files on rapishare easily.

Search Rapidshare with

Just go to and punch “” followed by:

  • inurl:pdf” for Ebooks in PDF Format
  • inurl:avi|wmv|mpg|nva” for Movies
  • inurl:mp3|ogg|wma” for Audio Files
  • inurl:exe” for executable application
  • inurl:zip|rar|7zip|tar” for RAR, ZIP, 7ZIP or TAR compressed archieve

Examples: If your searching for Google Earth in ZIP format, then you must search for inurl:zip google earth” (obviously without the quotes)
Similarly if your searching for XYZ video, then it should be something like “ nurl:avi|wmv|mpg|nva XYZ

Rapidshare Search engines

There are a huge no. of sites that offer searching of Rapidshare here are a few.

These were just a few examples there are even many more ways to do that.

Here’s list of 15 more search engine-

  1. Filez
  2. RapidFox
  3. HellaFiles
  4. RapidShared
  5. ShareMiner
  6. FilesBot
  7. RapidOSearch
  8. RapidSearchEngine
  9. RapidshareLink
  10. OneClickFiles
  11. SearchShared
  12. EatPaperRapidshare
  13. FileSearcher
  14. MegaDownload
  15. RapidshareURL

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