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Before some doubted but after the elections it is clear that Rahul GandhiRahul Gandhi is the new youth icon. He is an idol for many of us , an inspiration for even more. Rahul has been taken as the next step in the face of Indian politics as he marks the beginning of youth involvement in Indian politics. It is very clear after the elections that Indians afre fed up of BJP’s Hindu policy ond of over-aged illiterate politician. Congress came into power the second consecutive term with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh only next to Jawaharlal Nehru to be elected as the supremo more than once.

Myself being a part of the next-gen of voters wanted someone much more literate and who would come out of the blame-game and think of the development of the nation and with congress supporting young entrepreneurs such as Rahul Gandhi, Sachin Piltot and others was the ultimate choice. Indian public also see Rahul as the next PM and if he stands for that i am sure he will undoubtedly win but that would take a lot of time yet.I am partial to BJP, in fact my whole family has been so-called BJP minded but due to unfilled promises and useless issues by them led many other like us to switch sides.

So this post is further dedicated to highlighting what made Rahul Gandhi what he is today.

Early life
Rahul Gandhi was born on 19 June 1970 in New Delhi and is currently an Indian politician and represents constituency Amethi.Rahul Gandhi belongs to the most famous family of India ,”The Gandhis”. His father Rajiv Gandhi, would later serve as Prime Minster of India before being assassinatedon 21 May 1991 (By Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Elam) . His Italian-born mother Sonia is the current Congress President. He was 14 years old when his grandmother, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, was assassinated. His great-grandfather, Jawaharlal Nehru, was the first Prime Minister of India, and his great-great-grandfather Motilal Nehru was a distinguished leader of the Indian independence movement.

Schooling and studies

Rahul Gandhi attended Modern School, New Delhi before entering the The Doon School. The Doon School had been his father’s alma mater. Rahul Gandhi attended Doon from 1981-83 before being home-schooled for security reasons.His admission to St Stephen’s College was controversial as he was admitted on the basis of his abilities as a competitive pistol shooter, which was disputed. He left the College in 1990, after one year of education.

He studied in Rollins College in Florida where he completed a B.A. in 1994. Gandhi has received a MPhil in Development Studies in 1995 after attending Trinity College, Cambridge from October 1994 to July 1995. This was confirmed by the University after doubts were cast on Gandhi’s background during the parliamentary elections in 2004.


Many of us don’t know this but Rahul Gandhi worked in London with a Strategy Consultancy firm Monitor Group, before returning to India in late 2002 to run an engineering and technology outsourcing firm in Mumbai.

Became the second member of the fifth generation of the Nehru-Gandhi family to enter into active politics

He won a seat in the 2004 parliamentary election from Amethi in Uttar Pradesh by a margin of 300,500 votes.

Zodiac Sign
Gemini, and if you believe astrologers, this is what he is like: Communicator. Social, outgoing. Sees and blends opposites/both sides of an issue. Vivacious, quick, flexible, versatile, lively and changeable. Mentally ambitious.
Personal Life

In 2004, he was reported to have been dating Veronica, an architect from Spain. The two met while at university.


Rahul Gandhi’s legal affairs team has taken a number of legal measures to prevent damage to his image. For example, when Newsweek alleged in late 2006 that he had not completed his degrees at Harvard and Cambridge or kept his job at the Monitor Group, they were slapped with a legal notice, following which they hastily retracted or qualified their earlier statements.Rahul Gandhi with Sachin Pilot

Rahul Gandhi counted the 1971 break-up of Pakistan among his family’s “achievements”. This statement invited criticism from several political parties in India, as well as from notable people in Pakistan including the Foreign Office spokesperson. Well-known historian Irfan Habib remarked that the comments were “..an insult to the Bangladesh movement.

During the Uttar Pradesh election campaign in 2007 he said that “if anyone from the Gandhi-Nehru family had been active in politics then, the Babri Masjid would not have fallen”. This was interpreted as an attack on P.V. Narasimha Rao, the Prime Minister during the demolition of the mosque in 1992. Gandhi’s statement triggered a controversy with some members of BJP, the Samajwadi Party and the Left dubbing him as both “anti-Hindu” and “anti-Muslim”. His remarks on freedom fighters and the Nehru-Gandhi family have been criticized by BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu who asked “Will the Gandhi family take responsibility for imposition of emergency?”

In late 2008, an apparent snub to Rahul Gandhi revealed the power wielded by him. Gandhi was prevented from using the auditorium at the Chandra Shekhar Azad Agriculture University to address students, possibly as a manipulation by Mayawati[31]. Subsequently, the Vice-Chancellor of the university, V.K. Suri, was ousted by the governor, T.V. Rajeswar, a Gandhi family appointee. The incident was cited as evidence of the politicization of education, and a cartoon in the Times of India by Ajit Ninan went: “Dynasty related questions are answered by Rahulji’s foot soldiers.”

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