KidZui- The funfilled safe browser for Kids

shankee kidzui
KidZui takes the tried-and-failed child-control methods of Web site blacklists and keylogging and abandons them in favor of something far more sensible: an extensive whitelist. First released back in March, KidZui looks and acts like a browser, but instead a closed system of editor-approved sites.

shankee kidzuiKidZui is the kids browser that’s both a bit more and a bit less.

These editors, made up of parents, teachers, and former teachers have compiled database of 800,000 Web sites the last time I saw KidZui’s stats. At-home parents can approve specific Web sites, such as a family photo gallery, that KidZui users couldn’t otherwise see. KidZui is more than just a safe browsing environment, though. It combines that most essential of computer tools with social networking features. Children can rate sites, videos, and images, and share those ratings with their KidZui friends. Parents get the peace of mind that comes from weekly browsing and logging updates, and can further block approved KidZui sites if they deem them inappropriate. It’s not a program for everybody, obviously. What it does do, though, is create a uniquely safe way to teach children about surfing the Web and the power of exploring information without worrying about sketchy shenanigans.

KidZui The Internet for Kids 3.1

Download Now (4.94MB)

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