How twitter earn even when it shows no ads!! Question finally answered

Twitter has emegerged has the fastest growing micro-blogging social network, where people share their lives in 140 words messages(twits). But is has no ads so “How twitter earns money?”
The question that would come up to everyone’s mind and has been asked infinitely number of times. And after research and confirming with a few famous blogs i present my conclusion here.

I have been twittering @itsshashank building followers and all . Just answering the one question “What are you doing?” in 140 characters !! But i can to a question “Why is twitter doing?”..
Twitter offers free service to all its users , shows no ads, charges nothing at all from anyone. then what makes it to sustain itself.
When i searched the net for answers all answers were related to “How would twitter earn?” yeah that too is a matter of concern , but no one answered how it got money to be this big and sustain.
So at last my search came to a haul on wikipedia .
Wikipedia made me aware how is Twitter worth millions-

“About US$57 million of Twitter is owned by venture capitalists. CEO Evan Williams raised about $22 million in venture capital.[7] Twitter is backed by Union Square Ventures, Digital Garage, Spark Capital, and Bezos Expeditions (led by Jeff Bezos of Amazon).[8] Institutional Venture Partners and Benchmark Capital backed Twitter in 2009, investing an additional $35 million.The Industry Standard has pointed to its lack of revenue as limiting its long-term viability.[9] On February 13, 2009, Twitter announced on its official blog[1] that it had closed a third round of funding in which it secured more than $35 million[10] When asked about how he was going to use the additional investment funds in an interview, Williams said:

We don’t know all the ways we’re going to use that money, hopefully we’ll keep a lot of it in the bank. If we never need a lot of it, that’s great, but in the climate we’re in we don’t want to assume too much, and we don’t want any short term concerns to distort the potential of our long term vision, and our investors and the boards and everybody is very on board for building a very long term viable company. We need to do that step by step, and we need to invest a lot to get there.

So my question were answered now i know most of it came from venture capitalist so all i need to know more was how would make more money in future.
I end up comapring twitter with Google, when google was young and was famous the founders have to device ways to earn form it and they ended up on Ads and rest is history. So twitter stands at the same place but i wish they should device some new method some great revolutionary step.
So the world’s most appropriate men to answer gave a few methods by which twitter could earn profits-

  • Twitter Pro – Giving pro account with more features for a fee.
  • Merchandise – Its like paying for tools and services on twitter.
  • Twitter for Business a lá Google Apps – Helping bussiness build themselves and charging them for that
  • Twitter Forums, ad-supported -Finally, an innovation brought to the aging discussion forum format. Sort of a Twitter approach to Yahoo! Answers, allowing users to post questions and follow threads they’re interested in, with the Twitter format forcing everyone to keep things simple and on-topic. Instead of ads, this could also possibly be just for Pro customers
  • Ads on the site
  • Charging companies who are using it for marketing or other commercial purposes

The above six possible ways were by David Chartier of

On the blog zdnet i found these. According to Winer, Twitter has a number of potential business models, all of which rely on the service acquiring a large enough user base in the first place.

  • Become a distributor of third-party apps and services that use Twitter and take a cut in return.
  • Design and sell hardware such as a cellphone with “Twitter baked in”.
  • Or, better still, partner with mobile device makers and carriers to offer superior Twitter integration.
  • And finally, sell the service to a carrier.

Thanks to you guys.

But on further research i was flodded with ways that could be used by twitter like these-

Well whatever the method they chose we all know that they are always going to make money but the thing is to see what method they adopt to earn the maximum of it .

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