Configuring Sound card on Ubuntu linux onwards

A simple trick that tell you how to configure Sound Card on an Ubuntu machine. Before the method was too complicated and involved a set of commands on Terminal window but i found this one ad it is the most simplest one.

My sound drives on the Intel motherboard didn’t worked so i used a sound card.
I searched a lot of Ubuntu and linux forums for the solution , ya a few would have worked but i wanted a much more simpler method. So i put my brains to work and here is how i did it.
So here’s how you configure your sound card in an Ubuntu linux machine
Just follow the simple steps-

->Go to System>preferences>sound
->In the new window that appears look for devices tab
->The screen shows different devices for different sounds
Now all you need to do is click on the drop down menu and select a option . ->Then click on test. If you hear a beep that bingo you have successfully find your sound card .
->Now just select this device for all types of sound playback and you are done.

This is how i configured my sound card and now i can hear sound on my ubuntu machine.
Now additional tweak.-
To make this device to be your default and showing volume control on desktop do this-
->Right click on the volume level icon at thr right top of your ubuntu machine.
->And select volue control.
->Now go to file>select devices
->Just select the sound card device from the list and you are done.

This is how i was done with cofiguring my sound card. For any additional query or help comment on this post.

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