Carry your system in your pocket with USB portable linux

Portable USB Linux Desktop Screenshot with CompizYou must be knowing about Linux’s live CD but do you know that you can also rum Linux from your pen-drive. Ya that is true carry your whole system on a simple USB flash drive. We were very excited to know this as it has a diverse range of applications. Such as you would never have to worry about system crash or losing you files and you carry your whole computer in a small pocket-size USB drive.

Carry a portable Linux version with you on a USB flash pen drive. Easily bring your portable desktop with you wherever you go. USB Linux installation enables you to install a portable Linux operating system on a flash drive or USB key no larger than your thumb. This portable Linux operating system can then be run from any computer that can boot from a flash device, allowing you to bring your operating system, desktop, applications, files, email, personal settings, favorites, games and more with you. It’s your own personal operating system you can carry in your pocket. On, we provide many simplified portable Linux flash drive installation tutorials. Making is easy for anyone to install, boot and run Linux portably from a Pen drive!

USB Ubuntu NetBook Remix Install via Windows

window.google_render_ad();Install Ubuntu 9.04 NetBook Remix to a Flash Drive using Windows. Ubuntu offers their own Ubuntu Image Writer. This tool enables a user to create a Ubuntu NetBook Remix USB Flash Drive from a disk image. The Portable Ubuntu NetBook operating system can then be run portably from the Flash Drive without installing or installed to your Netbook from the Flash Drive. USB Ubuntu NetBook Remix Flash Drive installation is simple. However, we have created a short tutorial below to offer a heads up on the install.

Ubuntu 9.04 NetBook Remix Screenshot Ubuntu NetBook Remix Screenshot How to Install Ubuntu NetBook Remix on USB from Windows

  1. Download the Ubuntu 9.04 NetBook Remix Image to your desktop
  2. Download the Disk Imager (used to copy the image to USB) and unzip the package to your desktop
  3. Insert your USB device, making note of it’s drive letter
  4. From the Disk Imager folder, click Win32DiskImager.exe
  5. (1) Browse to the ubuntu-9.04-netbook-remix-i386.img file on your computer (2) Select your USB device from the drop-down (3) Click the Write button to copy the image to your USB deviceUbuntu Disk Imager for Windows
  6. Once the Disk Imager has completed, restart your computer, set your BIOS Options or Boot Menu to boot from the USB device and reboot

If all goes well, you should now have a Portable USB Ubuntu 9.04 NetBook Remix that you can run as an alternate Live operating system from the USB device or install on your Netbook via the built in Ubuntu Netbook Installer. Ubuntu NetBook Remix is a project of Canonical Ltd. *Note: This installation tutorial does not cover Netbook Remix Persistence. As a result, changes made will not be saved and restored upon subsequent boots.

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