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I am Shashank Agarwal ,a tech blogger, hacker and a computer engineering student from India.Due to my passion for computers and technology i turned into a tech freak, doing new thing with my PC and discovering new stuff. Finally made this blog and others to share my knowledge with the world.
I am a professional blogger and owner of a few successful blogs. Due to my divergence towards hacking Google Adsense were banned on one of my blog.

I blog about almost everthing including Tech, web 2.0, celeb gossip, wallpapers, politics etc.

About Shankee.com

After much consideration i cam to conclusion that it was time to launch a .com name of mine and make a full-fledged wesite. Shankee is a result of my experience in blogging and i would utilize all that i have learned so far over the time about blogging techniques. Shankee is a blog about everything from a blogger expert in most of stuff people would read about includint tech, celeb, religion, financial data, security and much more. Shankee.com was finally released on 15th May 2009.

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We are always looking forwars to your suggestiond and solving your queries.
Please feel free to tell us about anyhting you would love to share.
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  1. Pretty cool Shankee…! I wonder if mom/dad reads about all your Delhi late night escapades 😉

    Enjoy college life – stay safe and drug-free!


  2. hii Shashank i m manisha,
    I have read your latest blogs its really miraculous adn outstanding. I Pray for your bright future in Tech.

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