Earn It Easy on the net

I was free for quite sometie and just wanted to figure how could i earn from the internet,,,
So i found out these services……….


Certainly the best of them all………..
well i just have t click on some links and wait for about 20-30sec. on each.. and i get paid for that…
they pay you $0.02 for each ad, that might seem small but when you click 12 ads daily and do that for a long time thats lot of money….


That is the second best , as i still hate the bar at the bottom of my screen..
here it does so by placing a bar at the bottom of ur screen and u hav to do notin but just load the bar….
an it earns for u. wile u do anythin at all
It pays about $0.6to$1 per hour…

This is the place where i have heard rags to riches stories…
This is from google and really pays a lot…
But for that u need to own a site or a blog and have to work really hard on that so that u get a lot of pageviews…

Well that too is very good…………
I just have to log on and leave the page as it is.. it keeps on earning for me……..
do check in ur page atleast once in an hour…….They pay you about 0.45-0.75per hour..

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