my college

i am in AMU’s boys polytechnic..
a place of its own class..
my class has got all sort of characters. and also from many parts of the world..
we have a lot of groups being formed around…
such as NRSC, Biharis, and then a few SC(senior boys)..(Senior citizens)
and many more in hostler’s groups..
but i guess its fun being here..
the one thing i miss da most are all the girls coz unfortunately i am in an all-boyz college…

well but things sometime go worse when their’s a bit of politics in my class..
i forgot to tell you dat i m doin..Diploma in Electronics 2nd year…

i dont know but i am part of a lot of groups not to one…
and also the one group is all roll no. from 172 to 177 dats my group..hahaha

i am actually fed up of this damn thing..groupbaazi but wat to do..
i just console my heart by sayin only one more year left bear wid it..
not writin anythin more as this is gettin boring…

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