mahabharat and kurukshetra war…

while i was seraching for some data on the bhima’s son that is shown below i actually read a lot about the mahabharata and the war which went for 18 days… and about yudhishtra

The whole story is really awesome you cud find it here…

well i came to know some mind boggling facts…

the armies were massive–

pandavas had–7 Akshauhinis1,530,900 soldiers

and kaurvas–11 Akshauhinis2,405,700 soldiers

u wud notice all no. add up to 18..thats supposed to be a mythical figure.dont know why….

and the war went on for 10days and each day is full of great stories, personal conflicts and great mind games…

and most amazing thing- after the war the total survivor were 10–can u imagine that..10

and rest some 39lakh dead men….

the men who survived were– the five Pandavas, Krishna, and Satyaki on pandava side..and

Ashwatthama, Kripa, and Kritavarmaon the kaurva side…

someone also told me that the kurukshetra ground is still RED wid blood..may be..coz 4 million something is no small stuff…

great thing man…do read it once…

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