Earn to surf the net…for free

hi i just figured a few ways to easy earn from the internet… its a good thing if u have a lot of time.. and have low cost net… well the lost of sites i selected are as follows… bux.to

i spotted out that bux.to pays the highest…
but do check them all..
all u gotta do is just sign up for an account…
and click on ads..(surf ads) and u get paid 1 cent for each ad..
. also u may go to some offer and get paid even more…
u cud earn a few dollars in few days..
do sign up in more than one….

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  1. If you allow me, I think you are missing the most important Pay to Click company out there: NeoBux.
    Check it out and you will realize is not even close to be one of the hundreds of AdBux clones out there.
    Pays instantly starting at only $2, you can rent referrals and change them whenever you want, and they will soon work with PayPal too!

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