Bhima ‘s son…awesome pic

See the two man standin beside the skeleton.. and the huge digger….
I still don’t know if its real…

coz i just can’t imagine a man of this size just see this pic…

they found a massive skeleton which is supposedly thought to be of ghatotkach -Bhima’s of the pandavas from mahabharat….

well i read a lot about that…

and i found bhima’s son was massive and was part of the kurukshetra was defeated by karna by using the indrastra the ultimate weapon of that time…

and when ghatotkach died he fell on the kaurva army killing hundred of men…..

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  1. I stil have no idea about that.. chances are there that it may be fake or may be forged, but due to clearity of the pics it is hard to admit them being fake

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